• Cryptocurrency transaction

    This is the place (platform) where people who want to buy Crypto currency buy one who wants to sell. In addition to the system which can carry out collectively from account opening to purchase / conversion, we also actively disseminate information on market prices. We will operate with a thorough management system of next generation currencies that are convenient and stable over the yen and dollar, and that can be used around the world.

    What is a Crypto currency?

    It is a next-generation currency that does not have guarantee of value by a specific country or region. It can also be exchanged for legal tender currencies such as yen, dollar and euro. There are currently over 1000 types of Crypto currencies, and bit coins, which are representative Crypto currencies, can be used for paying shopping and payment.


    Characteristics of Crypto currency

    1. Overseas remittance fee is overwhelmingly cheap
    2. It takes less time for payment anywhere
    3. You can expect profits as investment destination
    4. Available for payment
    5. Exchangeable with yen and dollar


  • Artificial intelligence development

    With the development of information technology, the AI system converts big data that is increasing rapidly to valuable information. Development of artificial intelligence for “AI home” that contributes to improving the living environment of residents, including automatic loan review system revolutionizing the financial world, in-house production of artificial intelligence development for fields that have not been implemented until now I will do it.

    What is artificial intelligence?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is “computerized technology of human intellectual activities”


    A profession capable of artificial intelligence (AI), work

    1. Retail store salesperson
    2. Accountant
    3. The first clerk
    4. salesman
    5. General secretary etc.


  • ICO support

    We support low cost procurement of funds. Implementation of ICO is much simpler than existing funding process due to technological innovation. By publishing a “white paper” that summarizes the vision, concept, and technical details of the project, anyone can technically use the Crypto currency to procure funds from investors around the world.

    What is ICO

    “Issuing Crypto currency to raise funds” is the next generation funding method. Prior to listing the Crypto currency, we will issue coins to investors and raise funds.


    ICO Consulting

    Taking advantage of our experience and knowledge cultivated up to now, we are offering consulting and suggesting new business to consult about ICO.